Social Service Department

The social service department of N.S.S commenced functioning in June 2006.the various responsibilities of this department include:-

  • Establishing baby crushes, play schools and such other units to promote physical, mental and social development of children.
  • To run training institutions and programs to improve academic standards, personality development and higher education of students
  • To run career guidance centers and other such institutions to impart training and to give self confidence to young educated generation to find and enter in to self-employment opportunities successfully.
  • Establishing self-help groups of women in the society to implement various programs and activities for their financial and social development with the co-operation of N.S.S vanitha sangams.
  • Establishing rehabitation centers for the old, physically handicapped and such others in the society.
  • Surveying and evaluating various social service programs sponsored by central and state governments and making them available to people along with projects for financial aid and grants.